Cloth diapering information

Cloth diapers are diapers composed of layers of fabric such as cotton, hemp, fleece, microfiber and bamboo. The can be washed and reused many times. Traditionally, cloth diapers have been made from a flat square of cotton, folded into the shape of a diaper and fastened with pins. In order to make a waterproof, a pair of plastic pants was worn on top of the flat diaper. Today, however, we have much more convenient and comfortable options for those who want to cloth diaper.
There are different types of cloth diapers:
Flats: A flat peice of fabric-usually bleached or unbleached cotton-which has to be folded to fit on the baby. It is usually held together with a Snappi fastenenr but can also be closed with pins. A waterproof cover needs to be worn on top of a flat diaper.
Prefolds: Prefolds are multilayered rectangles of cloth. They have to be held together with a Snappi or laid inside a waterproof cover.
Fitteds: Fitted diapers are put on like the standard disposable diaper and held close with snaps or a hook and loop closure. They need a waterproof cover on top.
Pockets: Pocket diapers consist of an outer, waterproof layer. They have to be stuffed with an absorbant material to be used. The absorbancy can be customized depending on what you use to stuff them. Pocket diapers-once stuffed-are as simple to put on as disposable diapers and are closed with either snaps or hook and loop. They are available in different sizes and many brands make a one sized diaper which will work from newborn until potty trained.
All in Two: (AI2) The all in two consists of a diaper cover and insert. The insert is usually snapped or laid into the cover and it can be replaced with a clean insert once the insert is wet. The cover can be reused a few times, unless it gets dirty.
 All in One: (AIO) The all in one diaper is most similar to a disposable diaper in that the entire diaper is one piece. You put it on just as you would a disposable diaper and it closes with either snaps or hook and loop. It is available in sizes and one sized versions